January 2, 2019

General elections held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on 30 December 2018, to determine a successor to incumbent President Joseph Kabila, has clearly favored UDPS President, Felix Tshisekedi. According to the final, unofficial CENI results leaked on various social media platforms, Tshisekedi is the clear favorite, undoubtedly beating Martin Fayulu and Emmanuel Shadary Ramazani.
The revealed election results are as follows:

Province                                                           Fayulu         Ramazani          Tshisekedi

Bas-Uele                                                              47                    24                      25
Equateur                                                             45                    25                      25
Katanga                                                               23                    22                      50
Haut-Lomani                                                     23                    33                      40
Haut-Ucle                                                           35                    31                      30
Ituri                                                                      30                   25                      40
Kasai                                                                     7                       4                      85
Kasai-Central                                                      2                       3                      90
Kasai-Oriental                                                    3                       4                      89
Kinshasa                                                              19                    15                     60
Kongo-Central                                                   17                     17                     60
Kwango                                                               35                    27                      28
Kwilu                                                                   42                    32                      20
Lomani                                                                  3                      4                      89
Lualaba                                                               16                     30                     50
Mai-Ndombe                                                     43                     21                     30
Maniema                                                              7                      60                    28
Mangala                                                              41                     26                     27
Nord-Kivu                                                           10                     11                     75
Nord-Ubangi                                                      42                    25                     25
Sankuru                                                               10                    55                     30
Sud-Kivu                                                               7                     16                     73
Sud-Ubangi                                                         52                    19                     23
Tanganyika                                                          25                   23                     43
Tshopo                                                                  25                   21                     50
Tshuapa                                                                41                   21                      33

Total                                                                    650                594                     1218
Percentages                                                        25%                22%                  46.8%

Tshisekedi’s clear lead is despite the fact that 3 bags of ballot papers, in favor of Tshisekedi, were found at the edge of the river in Bukava, one of Vital Kamerhe’s regions. This is but one of the reported voting interference incidents. In a memorandum addressed to members of the UDPS, Tshisekedi thanked the people of the DRC for voting and demonstrating their desire “to put an end to the Kabila-regime, and more importantly, for launching an age of democracy in our beloved country.”

Tshisekedi further addressed the fact that various telecommunications networks were ordered to be shut down across the country but he is confident that people around the world understand the real intent for shutting down the internet. He says that it is to prevent people from communicating about voting fraud or to prevent people from collaborating to prevent vote suppression.

Tshisekedi said, “In spite of what this egregious abuse of our fundamental rights to speech, communication and collaboration amongst the people, the results continue to trickle in. We, the opposition, have solid results. We have routed Emmanual Shadary, our opponent-in-
common. Mr Shadary will not receive more than 15 percent of the overall election result, while we, the opposition shall comfortably win more than 85 percent of the Congolese vote.” He added that the long-delayed elections cannot be deemed ‘free and fair’ when millions in
key oppositions strongholds were unable to vote, voting machines malfunctioned (as he and his party predicted months ago); long queues prevented people from voting; missing voter materials; and because the international community was barred from doing their human
security work.

Tshisekedi further called upon the US to double its efforts to support the Congolese people in ensuring that votes are counted transparently and expeditiously, and that those who undermined democracy and human rights to be brought to justice. In conclusion he thanked the Congolese people for their support and taking the first step towards building a brighter future for the country. He also congratulated his “running mate, partner and brother,” Vital Kamerhe, for his “unquenchable thirst for democracy.”

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